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Log house building course

An intensive course using the Logosol sawmill to build half a log house in 7 days!

$1,200.00 for the seven days

Course: Build a Log Cabin

When: * 10th - 17th of August 2007

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Day 1: One log cuts in half! To make the filler half log, Pehr and Tycho lay the first layer!
Day 2: Students will be shown how to draw the lines and then the students will saw and chop to make the notch complete.
Day 3: The students draw ther own lines and makes the notch complete.
Day 4: Students learn how to use the drill for the doweling as well as how to use the boardaxe.
Day 5: More notch work
Day 6: More notch work
Day 7: Students learn to cut up for the window and door.
Day 8: Students learn how to make the top layers and finish the house.

Pehr and Tycho building a log home similar to the one we will build in this class:


From log to log house! Soon you can learn how to build your own log house at Bjorklund Ranch.

Below is a typical Swedish style frame.


Other log cabins built by our instuctors: