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Wood planer training

A 2 day traing course to make you comfortable to produce wood moulds with the four sided wood planer Logosol PH260 and similar machines.

Don’t mind that my head seems a bit bigger in this photo - I’m still basking in the great feeling of making my first floor! From hunting down the logs, to the last coat of urethane on the finished floor, to seeing the flamenco dancer floating across the gloss finish. Oh what a feeling!


Course: Training courses in custom molding with the Logosol PH260

When: 5th to 6th of May 2007

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The schedule and details are still to be presented. Please contact us if you are interested in getting invited!


From log to dance floor! Soon you can learn wood moulding at Bjorklund Ranch.

My style of custom flooring! I used techniques of mixing wood species from the Santa Barbara “urban forest” to create a colorful rich look.

Stack of floor boards for sale!